Lactose Intolerant: Go for Dairy Free Diet Plans

If you have allergies or are breastfeeding a lactose-intolerant baby, chances are, you have to be on a dairy-free diet. That means that you cannot ingest anything that contains dairy products or byproducts. Nothing with milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc… And you’re thinking, “WHAT?” before you hit the panic button, read on.

This is doable and there are a millions of people around the world on a dairy-free diet. It takes a lot of getting used to but in the end, not suffering from allergies or nursing a healthy baby is far worth the trouble than the diet itself.

First and foremost, make a habit of reading labels at the supermarket. A slip up with a single ingredient can have disastrous effects. Don’t fret, there are still hundreds of things to eat – delicious food!

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Any plain fruit is an easy and instant snack food. Any plain vegetable can be made into a salad. Watch the beef and tuna though, there are those who are quite sensitive to them and may cause allergies. Kosher food is a good basis for dairy-free eating. Anything marked with Parve or Pareve as its Kosher rating is supposed to be certified dairy-free.

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You can find websites where you can learn a lot more about Kosher food and its different ratings. Canned soups, except creamed soups, of course offer another big array of flavors without risking exposure to dairy. Tortillas, pitas and bagels are mostly dairy-free but just to be sure, check the labels.